Essay on My Favourite Teacher for kids

After your parents, if there is someone who teaches you important lessons in life and shows you the right direction is your teacher. If your teacher is right and you idolize him or her, then he or she will always act as your mentor and your guide. Not only does a good teacher imparts education and knowledge to you, but a teacher shows you the right path and true meaning and direction in life. It is therefore often said that the school where you study is actually your second home where you learn the real values of life.

A teacher need not just be a classroom teacher. He or she can be anyone who has taught you virtues and has always guided you in the right direction. It can be your classroom teacher, your tuition teacher, your parents, your younger siblings, or anyone whom you owe everything and who is always there to get you through all the difficult phases in life. I remember my favourite teacher to be my tuition teacher who not only taught me all my difficult subjects, but she always used to guide me in the right direction. Whenever I faced any difficulty either in personal life, in any of the school subjects or otherwise, she was the one whom I first remembered. We shared a great relationship and bond. I am fortunate that I am still in touch with her and she is still available as a mentor in my life.

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