Things to Do in Gokarna on a 3 Day Trip

Gokarna is not less than a paradise, and if you are one of the beach lovers, then this place is just perfect for you as it has numerous beaches and whole different vibes than other such beaches.

This place is best for your next trip if you are looking forward to a small and sweet 3 day trip to some place where you can chill and get to witness some of the ancient shrines. If you are on your trip, then this guide is must, and we will guide you with some of the best places that you can visit to get the best out of your trip.

1) A Detour to Nirvana Beach

Nirvana Beach is one of the best getaways near Gokarna, and you can simply get a day to visit Nirvana Beach to experience something beyond perfection. It is a perfect beach with lots of trees which add beauty to this place.

2) Sit atop Tree House

Tree Houses can be found anywhere near the place you are staying at. You can even ask out locals for that or if you in Gokarna in peak season then these tree houses are everywhere. It is the best thing to do in your afternoon time and witness the beauty by the beach on the tree.

3) Collect Interesting Shells

Beaches are filled up with some interesting shells and if you are a collector who loves collecting things from the places you travel then this thing can be just perfect for you. You can add up so much fun with this in your free time and with all that you can give yourself some alone time too.

4) Take your Dog to the Beach

 Dogs are the best companion of humans and if you have a dog then this time you should take your dog with you on a trip. Dogs love chilling out, and if you have a dog, then you will see how fun it is to take your dog to a beach trip.

5) Roam around Flea Market

Even if you have less time, but once you are in Gokarna then market near Luxury Villa Gokarna is the best thing to visit. You should visit the flea market at least once, and you will get to shop some really cool and handicraft things to add to your collection at home.

6) Take a Boat Ride

Boat rides are available at almost all the beaches, and you can get into a boat to get into the ocean and see some dancing dolphins and some other mighty creatures of the water. Moreover, you can get into some adventure sports like surfing or banana boat ride at some beach.

7) Party at a Shack

Shack Parties are best, and if you compare these parties with any other parties of Goa or any place, then there will be nothing that seems to be like Gokarna. Parties here are best by the coast, and in the shed, there is a live mic and good music to spend a beautiful night under the starts.

8) Beautiful Night at Hotel by the Beach

If you are staying at one of the best hotels like Kahani Paradise Villa, then there is nothing better than this. You can spend a beautiful night with your partner, or even these are family friendly.

9) Take Pictures

Taking pictures for your Instagram is the only thing that you never forget. Keep updating your posts and stories with the best time of sunset and sunrises. Even you can get some cool photographs while trekking to Om beach, paradise beach and Half Moon Beach.