Top 4 Best Stabilizers Brands in India

Voltage stabilizer is a must-have appliance in your home to prevent serious damage to your televisions, computers, refrigerators, AC and other electrical appliances to ensure safety of your home and family. If voltage fluctuates in your home, you must have a stabilizer to protect your valuable appliances. It doesn’t cost much in comparison to damage which may happen anytime without using it. Here are some of the reputable brands offering best ac stabilizers in India.


V-Guard is the largest, most trusted and bestselling stabilizer brand in India. It offers best features like turn-on display, auto restart, time delay system, and low and high voltage cut-off for reliable and efficient protection for appliances against voltage issues. These stabilizers have no match in every sense. They are available in various capacities for appliances like LED TV, AC, Music System, Deep Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine, etc. you can choose from different voltage options to protect larger home appliances against voltage fluctuations.

Godrej Voltz

Godrej Voltz electronic voltage stabilizer range has been designed to ensure that voltage falls in safe range and is delivered to your appliance. Some of its models have separate circuits for cut-off and voltage regulation. In case of voltage regulation circuit failure, its cut-off function will work. It ensures double protection to your appliance.


It is another leading brand in India offering different range of voltage stabilizers with warranty of up to 3 years. This AC stabilizer has smart delay function with breathing space and added layer of protection on AC. It also comes with silicon based transistors as well as silver caked relays. Hence, it is among the most efficient and best voltage stabilizers in the country.

Vitronics Controls

It is one of the leading dealer and manufacturer of electronic products. Driven by the vision of customer satisfaction and highest quality, Vitronics Controls offers high quality stabilizers, UPS, and generators of different ranges. It has been designed to take care of all the issues in power source for uninterrupted power supply so it can work smoothly and efficiently. Looking ahead to the future, Vitronics Controls is engaged in developing new products for maximum performance and output without much wastage of energy.

Bottom Line

Having a voltage stabilizer has its own benefits. It is also used to save on electricity and provides added protection to your appliances. They are also available with free maintenance charges.